The North Island offers a lot to visitors and holiday makers. Many choose Auckland during their stay because of the convenience that the city offers, its range of accommodation and access to Auckland Airport. An exciting night life, a number of cafes and restaurants, the harbour, galleries and other activities all offer a lot of appeal for visitors to stay in Auckland.

With Hamilton, Tauranga and Rotorua all a drive away from the nation’s Super City, being able to get yourself around during your stay means getting the most out of your holiday. There’s nothing better than remaining independent during your stay. Book a rental car at Auckland Airport so you can be mobile as soon as you hit the tarmac Car Rentals Documents Needed rent car .

Make sure to use a company that has the kind of vehicle you need to rent. Choose a car that won’t give you any problems during your holiday, especially if you plan to travel long distances with sports equipment in tow or to any of the North Island’s ski fields during snow season Driver Min & Max Age requiremnets .

Small Sedans. Great for getting around town and cheap to run, but if you’re travelling with kids or a couple of friends you will quickly find you are running out of room. If you need the power to navigate some of the more hilly terrain, you might have a bit of trouble .

Station Wagons. A wagon offers a lot more room and a lot more power. Mountain bikers heading to Rotorua will love the extra space in the back and the roof rack as will the skiers heading to Mt Ruapehu. Chains are usually provided if you ask and you’ll enjoy a more comfortable ride with the extra room Car rental Companies and Best and Wrost Car rental Companies AT AUCKLAND AIRPORT .

Intermediate Wagon. Travelling outside of the city can lead to a lot of complaints and not a lot of room with everyone and their luggage packed in the car. An Intermediate Wagon has more space for those longer journeys out of Auckland.

People Mover Van. Holidays with the kids can be stressful enough. Make sure everyone is comfortable by renting one of these spacious vans. You can even book a 4WD tripindicator if you need that extra power for your journey.

Spend a little bit more for that extra space and power, and make sure you don’t get stranded during your journey. Don’t make everyone carry their luggage on their laps, choose the right rental car and transport yourself comfortably in and around Auckland.

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