Debunking Condom Myths

Debunking Condom Myths

Condom myths have been around since the time of their own introduction and use. Why a number of them persist up to this day might be due to the fact that some are more inclined to believe in hearsays and street speak than reputable sources. The fertile, imaginative minds of teenagers will also be receptacles to several misconceptions regarding condom use, especially if they cannot get access to correct sex education and safe sex guidelines. Debunking these myths is an important method to break down barriers to a healthy, protected sex life.

One still popular misconception that still circulates around may be the dubious efficacy of condoms in preventing pregnancies and sexually carried diseases (STDs). When stored deservingly, put on properly, and used with various other applicable contraceptives, condom use is an excellent birth control and safe sex practice. Condoms only break when they are fragile, expired, or subjected to too much friction without application of appropriate lubricants.

Even when using condoms, others also think that it is not effective against STDs since there are some diseases that are transmitted through direct skin-to-skin contact Although it can true that you can still get STDs from direct skin contact, studies have consistently showed that condom make use of still reduces disease transmission considerably in all types of STDs. So unless you plan on completely abstaining from sex until you get to hook up with somebody whom you are absolutely sure to be disease-free, condoms are still the next best thing in terms of reducing your chances of getting STDs.

And please do not think that using two condoms at the same time is better than one. The friction created by both latex surfaces can cause it to break, thereby rendering all your safety efforts quite useless. One condom per sexual act is enough. Just be sure to use a fresh one for subsequent rounds, and if you both decide to give dental or anal sex a try. Just be sure to select appropriate products for each exercise, like the Durex Condoms brand offer the Natural Feeling Non-Lubricated variety intended for oral sex.
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The brand also bears Colors and Scents varieties, for those seeking to mask the latex smell as well try different colors.

Adventurous individuals might also want to try several condoms with various textures. Durex Condoms offers the Intensive Sensation product line with raised dots, the ribbed High Sensation and the Her Sensation. These products ensure that both the male and female partner derive maximum pleasure the sex behave itself.

When someone says that this HIV virus is small sufficient to pass through the condom, feel free to negate them. Before putting them out in the market, both the manufacturers and the Oughout. S. Food and Drug Administration periodically tests samples, from the widely well-known Durex Condoms and Trojan Condoms brands to imported Okamoto Condoms and Viva Condoms brands, to make sure that they remain intact and impassable by any virus.

And for these thinking that condoms are not for them because they are allergic to latex, introduce them to polyurethane ones. Popular brands have been in the market like the Trojan Supra. Durex Condoms also has the Avanti polyurethane condoms that come in different sizes. Apart from being safe to those allergic to latex, they can also be used with any kind of lubricants, be it water-based or petroleum-based.

And probably because of the novelty associated with experience, many teenagers experience the issue of premature ejaculation. From Durex Condoms brand comes the Performax whilst Trojan Condoms has the Extended Satisfaction varieties to answer this worry, with a special type of lubricant effective at sustaining erection for longer period of time.

But probably the loudest complaint you get through men against condom use is the fact that these devices reduces sensitivity and sexual pleasure. This myth probably originated 10 years or two ago, when condoms are decidedly thicker than the contemporary ones. Again, the answer to this incorrect conviction is to let them try some thinner products that have been proven to impart that bare feeling some are looking for. They should try the Maximum Love as well as the Extra Sensitive product lines from Durex Condoms. Besides, given the alternative of having to subject themselves to treatments after contacting STDs or to the particular demands and anxieties associated with unintended pregnancies, all men would rather content material themselves with thin condoms.

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